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The Kick! Talk Show with Kyle Eason and Guest Tom Higley Episode #5

Kyle Eason writes, directs and hosts “The Kick” – a 15 minute Talk Show on the milehighhouse Channel that features industry leaders and their “kick” – an idea with special magic that inspires and awakens. The Kick! Talk Show #5 features Guest Tom Higley.

Tom Higley on The Kick!Tom is a Denver-based entrepreneur, founder, CEO, startup mentor, angel investor and composer. He’s been the founder or Co-Founder of six companies including Stillsecure, Service Metrics, NETdelivery and FortNET, and a TechStars Boulder mentor for the past nine years. For approximately five years now, Tom’s been advancing the cause of “impact entrepreneurship” and a new venture called 10.10.10 he describes this way, “Successful entrepreneurs creating market-based solutions for the world’s wicked problems.” The 10.10.10 program connects entrepreneurs with validators (companies, NGOs, foundations and others with first-hand knowledge of wicked problems and those working on solutions) to create fundable companies that will bring solutions to market.

Don’t miss this impactful show featuring one of Colorado’s most prolific and visionary entrepreneurs, Tom Higley, Founder and CEO of 10.10.10. More on 10.10.10 at www.101010.net

The Kick! Talk Show #5 with Kyle Eason and Guest Tom Higley

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