Motive – Pepsi Hyped for Halftime

Our good friends at Motive tasked us to produce the video elements for their Get Hyped for Halftime (#halftime) event in January.    Motive put together a 200 person talent crew and had all hands on deck to place a Pepsi Machine downtown on the 16th St. Mall.   The public was offered free pepsi for three days, and every 30 minutes or show a halftime show came out of the sides to surprise and hype up a lucky button pusher.   To kick it up a notch Pepsi gave away 26 trips for two to New York to be on the field for the Pepsi halftime show at the Super Bowl!

We put together a 19 person crew, shot with 3 Arri Alexa’s sending- microwave signal to our director John Bourbonais in a stealth video village inside an old mall pretzel booth.   We  picked up shots on the machine with 6 GoPro’s, and two men on the street with covert Canon 5D MKIIIs.    We jumped right into post for the short turn around and worked with the Motive team to get to the end result, an exciting and funny viral video piece.

Once the final is approved we will upload the video to share.   For now you can check out production stills on our Flickr Page