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Our Blog pages will host all types of information about the company, the team, news and insights to production techniques and other general tidbits of brilliance.    We look to you our friends, clients and colleagues to chime in and share as much as you can to help spread the word. Thank you!

Christian A. Mussett

documentary short, The Icon Artist, which he produced, directed, wrote and filmed. Graduating summa cum laude from the Art Institute of Colorado, Mussett received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. Comfortable with all aspects of filmmaking, in his free time he enjoys photography, independent filmmaking, and animating. Currently he is working on an epic animated feature that can only be described as a post-apocalyptic cowboy western version of Beowulf. Sick. Mussett is known for his strong eye for composition, creative approach, and unwavering dedication to quality. He firmly believes that milehighhouse is the team with the vision, tools, and execution to bring any piece to the next level.

Sammy T

Sammy specializes in the production info-marketing products and has been on board some of the biggest launches in e-commerce space. 

He is the hired gun for many of the top tier online companies around the world, MindValley out of Kuala Lumpur, The Elevation Group in Austin Texas, Holistic MBA Coaching, Global Dance Festival in Denver,  Cuveé Destinations world wide, and many many others. 

You will usually find Sammy in the Producer’s chair barking directions and orders, or out rocking as an entertainer in the Denver Metro Area.


Dillon is our youngest and tallest staff member. He has been working behind the lens and behind the scenes on film and video projects for several years.  Dillon has lent his expertise and his scrutinizing attention to detail for everything from documentaries to commercials, short films to skate videos and lots in between.  He has a wide range of talents to speak of, from the ability to hold his breath for almost 5 minutes, to assembling an entire moped piece by piece without instructions.  When he is not at MHHP, you can find him skateboarding, snowboarding, or working on his car.


since he was able to hold one. He started with the drive to capture the lives of his friends and himself on tape through action sports, music, and interviews. For a number of years in Chicago, he was a videographer and editor for Red Bull USA, organizing and covering different events around the city and the region. His meticulous attention to detail, standard for quality, and his creativity have led him to traveling around the globe working every position possible on a film set as well as creating his own passion projects.


the basement watching movies.  And at the age of 16 he switched his life goal from becoming the first Astronaut/Ninja/Geologist to working in production.  Fast-forward 20 years, and that is exactly what he is doing.   A graduate of Metropolitan State University Tech Comm Department, Jeremy has been with milehighhouse for the past year and a half.  The workhorse of MHHP, Jeremy can be relied upon to stay the course and do whatever needs to be done.  When not working Jeremy can be found reading, working on his car and talking about how great Stanley Kubrick’s work is.

Education | Demonstration | Training

We’ve worked with many clients to produce informative and educational videos.   We have recently worked with True Course Captain’s School to produce their six hour US Coast Guard approved video series.  We are partners with and produce all of their music education videos.   Our good friends at Green Builder Media tasked us to produce an educational film for Dietrich’s software for their amazing 3D software for architects.

We can work with you to not only produce the media, but assist you in the best ways to distribute and promote the content.   B2B or B2C – we will do the same for you.

Tom Hoch, Jr.

In the trenches of production from a early age, Tom followed his father Tom Sr (VideoFilm, Aurora CO) around on a wide range of productions from corporate shoots to live sporting event coverage and everything in between.   Being on set and in Dad’s home office gave Tom a full range of experience in the media production world.   While working on his degree from the Metro State Tech Comm department, he was working a wide range of projects including the first US Extreme Skiing Championships, The first few Denver Grand Prix events and working with the University of Colorado Media and Telecommunications department.

Tom skipped commencement and moved to Charlotte, NC for a Producer position working on a series of salt water fishing and bass fishing shows for PRIME Network.   While there he teamed up with Sunbelt Video (now NASCAR Images) producing corporate motorsports videos for NASCAR drivers and clients.   During that same stretch Tom reconnected with Hoch Sr and jumped on the production team for his hit PRIME Network show This Week in NASCAR.

For the next several years, it was 42 weeks on the road following the races, and shooting and producing skiing events in the winter months.    Tom has always had a love for all music, and together with a group of electronic music producer friends and local Denver DJ’s in 1999 he formed milehighhouse productions.   A collective group of creatives that threw legendary parties and events in Denver and beyond. Together they released 35 albums, played gigs all over the world and built up a strong reputation as some of the best in the west if not the world.

In 2003 Tom connected with his friends at the creative agency, Factory Labs who were about to launch an ‘iTunes for DJ’s’  This was  Tom came in as one of the first 5 staffers working for the next 6 years to help build this powerful brand and resource for electronic musicians worldwide.   After the Beatport road ended in late 2009, Tom moved back into the world of video and media production and relaunched milehighhouse.

Now serving as the President and head of production for MHHP we are focusing on television show development, creative agency support services, high level corporate messaging and branding and fun.    Tom is married to Robin Hoch of the Wendy Woo band and has two young boys Thomas and Charlie.